Budget & Treasury

Manager: Sebe Skampula

Telephone:  (051) 603 1319

Cellphone: 078 995 6982

Email Address: skampulas@senqu.gov.za

Strategic objectives of the Section​


To annually assess and report on the % of the budget spent on implementing its WSP and financial viability as expressed by the following ratios:                A(debt coverage) = B (total op rev received) – C (op grants) divided by D ( debt service payment due within the FY).                                   

A (outstanding service debtors to revenue) = B ( total outstanding debt) divided by C(actual rev received for services).           

A (cost coverage) = B ( all available cash at a particular time ) + C (investments) divided by D (Monthly fixed opl expenditure).

To annually report on the % of the Municipality’s budget actually spent on capital projects identified a particular financial year in terms of the Municipality’s IDP.

To expand and protect the municipal revenue base by providing accurate bills for services rendered. 


To ensure compliance with the MFMA and MSA requirements regarding the adjustment budget and annual budget development and submission requirements.


To develop and submit S 71, S 72 & S 52 reports as per MFMA guidelines and prescripts.