Senqu Local Municipality

Political and Administrative Governance

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Municipal Manager



Functions of the political arm:
  • To advocate and protect the needs of the community – facilitating the possibility of a better quality of life for all; and
  • Communication and involvement of the community in decisions, giving new meaning to the concept of a “people-centred government”.
Functions of the administrative arm:
  • To ensure that there is sufficient infrastructure (human capital, resources, policies and procedures) in order to ensure that the strategic objectives can be met through effective management and control of operations, service delivery and matters of compliance; and 
  • Provision of a supportive and administrative role and function overall.

Lady Grey - Headquarters

Senqu Headoffice entrance with the old town bell as a monument to the past.
19 Murray Street/Private Bag X03,
Lady Grey,
9755,  Tel: 051 603 1300/1301, Fax 051 603 0445

Barkly East - Admin Office

Administration Office of Senqu Municipality at the Town Hall in Barkly East
Cnr Molteno & De Villiers Street, P/Bag X15, Barkly East, 9786, Tel: 051 603 1401, Fax: 045 971 0350

Barkly East - Traffic Department

Senqu Vehicle Test Station in Barkly East
Cnr De Villiers and Copeland Street, Barkly East , 9786, Tel: 051 603 1414

Sterkspruit - Admin Office

Admin Office of Senqu Municipality in Sterkspruit
79 Main Street, P/Bag X5058, Sterkspruit, 9762, Tel: 051 603 1409, Fax: 051 611 0042